Alleged Buffalo burglary caught on camera

Posted at 8:31 PM, Aug 17, 2016

A Buffalo family is looking for help after they say their home was broken into and ransacked, earlier this week.

In a security video, taken from across the street, three men are seen apparently entering the home and then leaving with large duffel bags.

The Carter family is hoping the video will help police find whoever entered their Ludington Street home:

Kristen Carter lives in Buffalo's Lovejoy neighborhood with her fiancé and children. Carter says this happened while they were visiting family in Georgia this past week.

While some belongings were taken, her house was trashed, including her daughter's room.

“We can't sleep at night. They destroyed everything. It's not so much the belongings. It's the peace of mind,” said Steve Myers, Carter’s fiancé.

Carter made a list of all things missing, including a guitar, electronics and prescription medication. “I don't think I'm going to feel safe until these guys are caught,” said Carter.

In the video the alleged burglars are seen walking from the back of the house with large bags. Carter and her family hope this video shot by from a neighbor's surveillance system will lead police to an arrest.

“I hope that someone sees this and even if it's anonymous call the police, call the news, call somebody. Tell them who these guys are. It could be your house next. It could be your kids next,” said Carter.

A spokesperson for the Buffalo Police Department says there is a detective working on this burglary case. They plan on meeting with the Carters again on Thursday.

They are asking anyone with information to call their anonymous tip line, which is 847-2255.