Burglar found crawling on bedroom floor

Posted at 4:01 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-31 05:16:57-04

A burglar who stole cash and personal property from an apartment while the residents were asleep has been convicted following an eight-day trial.

In September of last year, Marcus Norman, 47, went into the upstairs apartment of 180 Lambert Avenue in the Village of Fredonia and robbed the people there. He was discovered when one of the residents woke up and found Norman crawling on their bedroom floor.

One of the people living there was able to record Norman's physical description and clothing, and his car's make, model and license number before he got away.

Fredonia Police notified Jamestown Police that the car leaving the scene was registered to a Jamestown address. JPD sent officers to that address, where the suspect showed up about 45 minutes after the burglary.

JPD stopped the car and found Norman with the items stolen from the Lambert Avenue apartment.

"First and foremost, I want to thank the Fredonia and Jamestown Police Departments for their efficient and effective work on this case," said Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson. "Many burglaries go unsolved, but because of their coordinated and swift actions, this career criminal was brought to justice."

A Chautauqua County Jury convicted Norman of burglary on Friday.

At the time of his arrest, Norman was on parole for burglarizing the same residence in 2011, that time stealing cash, property, and women's panties. During the 2011 robbery, Norman crawled into bed with one of the female residents before being caught by Fredonia Police.

The victims of the two robberies were unrelated. The recent victims were unaware of the 2011 burglary.

This is Norman's eighth burglary-related conviction since 1988.

"This defendant typifies the kind of person that needs to be behind bars," said Swanson. "He has been victimizing the citizens of Chautauqua County for nearly three decades, and now has five felony and seven misdemeanor convictions to his name. As I have said numerous times over the course of this year, some people do not deserve a break. Marcus Norman is that kind of person. We chose not to offer his a plea bargain, and that is how my office will continue to handle individuals who repeatedly victimize the people of our county."