Buffalo's Waterfront: "A whole new world"

Posted at 6:41 PM, Aug 06, 2016

For years, locals have been dreaming about a Waterfront like the one we have today - sights, sounds, activities and festivities for everyone to enjoy. But things weren't always as they are today. Buffalo's Waterfront has seen groundbreaking transformation over the past few years.

This weekend, 2016 Second Annual Canalside Auto and Boat show brought many locals and tourists Downtown to enjoy all Canalside has to offer. Others were there simply to enjoy the music, food and sunshine. But not too long ago, construction was the only sight to see.

In 2005, under the guidance of Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Erie Canal Development Corporation led the charge to revive and restore the Waterfront. Since then, new hotels, restaurants, concerts, and shows have come to town - to the joy and excitement of many.

In light of these new developments, and others like them, the Queen City has become a tourist attraction throughout the country.