Buffalo Zoo names baby lion cub

Posted at 11:52 AM, May 24, 2016

And that bundle of cuteness now has a name.

The African lion cub born at the Buffalo Zoo nearly three months ago will be called Tobias (pronounced Toe-bias).

Why Tobias? Zoo keepers began to call him by that name and it stuck.

"While it is not uncommon to have a public and completely different behind-the-scenes name, we are hopeful that the public will embrace this name, particularly when considering his cute nickname, Toby," said lead big cats keeper Alicia DuBrava.

Tobias is the son of first-time parents Lelie and Tiberius. The zoo says efforts continue to familiarize Tobias with the rest of the lion pride. Planning is underway to introduce him to the outdoor yard before he makes his official public debut.