Buffalo woman takes a leap of faith

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jul 17, 2017

It’s an emotional moment for a Buffalo woman, who recently experienced something she thought she would never have the chance to do.

Diane Woolverton, who can walk with the help of leg braces, is also battling lung cancer. She says she is feeling better than she has in years.

"I really needed to reward myself with something exciting to make myself feel exhilarating again and to bring me out of my medical funk," said Woolverton.

On Monday, she proudly displayed a shirt as a reminder that she accomplished something great.

She went skydiving.

"All I can think of was that song, I want to fly like an eagle,” said Woolverton. “Feeling free and that was all I kept feeling, all I kept telling the guy, I feel like an eagle. I said I feel like a bird, I feel so free, I was weightless from my body, which was such a relief for me physically to be able to kind of leave that behind and just to feel free and feel weightless.”

“I don't know what's going to be next, maybe skydiving again, now that I've done it once, I'm kind of hooked,” said Woolverton.