Buffalo Waterfront seeing a lot of boat traffic as temperatures are above normal

Posted at 10:08 PM, Sep 22, 2017

At exactly 4:02 pm Friday, Fall officially began. At the time, temperatures were in the 80's and boat owners at the Erie Basin Marina along the Waterfront in Buffalo did not seem to notice the beginning of Fall. 

"Oh my god, no it's (the weather's) amazing. The weather has just been fantastic ... towards the end of this year" Thomas Hill, a boat owner at Erie Basin Marina said. 

While the temperatures have been above average, businesses like Buffalo Harbor Cruises are not keeping their doors open. They have seen in previous years how the weather can turn in just hours making it a tough experience for patrons. 

"We've tried in years past (to remain open for September) but the way Buffalo works, it's just the weather can change dramatically in a day" Buffalo Harbor Cruises VP Ryan Hayhurst said. 

Buffalo Harbor Cruises will officially be closing for the season on Saturday. Hayhurst said that it has been tempting to remain open as he has seen a lot of boat traffic on the waterfront. 

"(There's been) a lot more traffic than we've ever seen because people are like 'wow summer is finally here.'"

Erie Basin Marina was nearly full on Friday as temperatures are expected to be in the 80's throughout this weekend and much of next week.