Buffalo teen fighting cancer in Philly is homesick, needs your help

Posted at 5:22 AM, Nov 01, 2018

A Western New York teenager, who has inspired our community with her strength, positivity and resilience, needs your help.

15-year-old Stella Usiak has been fighting cancer for seven years.  Her biggest inspiration is Taylor Swift.  After breaking her leg hours before Swift's concert in Toronto, she's be hospitalized.

Now she's moved to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and is really homesick.  

You can brighten her spirits by sending cards, notes or drawings.

Send your well-wishes to:

Stella Usiak

Room 3-W--CSH

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

3401 Civic Center Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Classmates and faculty at North Tonawanda High School made a massive card that they are planning to send to Stella Friday. Students wrote words of encouragement to help boost Stella's spirits. 

"Stella we are waiting for you, so hurry up, heal up, and get strong and come back and perform," Dean Vallas, the High School Choir teacher said. Stella has a love for music and is a member of the chorus. 

"Really her spirit, from what I can tell you, is the most amazing thing about her," Vallas said. "It is infectious, with all the girls she was in chorus with." 

About 200 chorus member made their own cards and sent them to the teen today. Guidance counselor Jennifer Schultz came up with the idea to create one massive card of inspiration that the entire sophomore class could sign. 

"She epitomizes strength," Schultz said. "I wish every student could have her work ethic." 

Other classmates wanted to send these messages to Stella: 

"You're so loved and appreciated by all of us...I just hope you know that because we miss you!" -Cassie Diliberto, sophomore at NT High School. 

"I hope she feels better and I hope she stays strong."- Emily Reid, sophomore NT High School. 


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