Buffalo teen battling cancer gives back to same community that helped her

Posted at 1:55 AM, Nov 23, 2018

Stella Usiak--better known as "Stella Swift"--just returned home to WNY after spending the last three months in treatment centers both internationally and across the country for her broken leg.

You may remember this 15-year-old as the Taylor Swift super fan who has been battling cancer for nearly half of her life.  It was in August that she broke her leg hours before seeing her idol in a Toronto concert.

While in Philadelphia for rehab, "Stella's Warriors" decided to help the Usiak family give back to the community through donations of backpacks. Originally planning for 100 bags, the team received enough donations to make more than 200 bags.

After a hot meal at Community Missions in Niagara Falls Thanksgiving Day, about 150 people were given the chance to take a jacket and the backpacks from Stella's Warriors filled with toiletries, hats, mittens and snacks.

Stella was on hand at the Mission to hand out the donations.

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