Buffalo teachers file grievance over bed bugs

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-30 12:00:44-05

Teachers at one Buffalo school, say they're fed up with the bed bugs. They're so upset, they've filed a grievance with the district over how the district has approached the issue at School 37.

“What we're looking for, right now, is that they go in there, put in some kind of monitoring and really ensure that the students and the staff don't have to worry about bed bugs,” said Buffalo Teachers Federation President Philip Rumore.

At School 37, two bed bugs have been found.

"The teachers are concerned, not only about themselves but the calls I've gotten, they're concerned about their students,” said Rumore.

The district sent a letter to parents about the bugs. Exterminators have also visited the school. In emails sent from the district, it's believed the bugs were fully grown and brought into the school.

The Teachers Federation wants more transparency with what the district is doing to prevent the spread of bed bugs. They fear this could be a much bigger problem.

“If there is an infestation, even if it's one or two or three bed bugs, and it's obviously continuing, that school should really be, possibly, shut down,” added Rumore.

The school district says if any students are dealing with a bed bug infestation at home, it will try and direct their family to the appropriate resources.