Buffalo State College gears up for election day

Posted at 1:22 PM, Nov 08, 2016

It's Election Day and as people make their way to the polls there's a last minute push on SUNY campuses to get the millennial vote out. 

Buffalo State College is one campus that has been doing it's part to mobilize the student body and faculty in anticipation of Election Day. Groups like NIPIRG, the United Student Government and Office of Student Life are partnering to ensure students are educated about the voting process and have the transportation necessary to make it to the polls. 

"The Bump," a popular parenting website cited, of the 13,000 millennials they surveyed about the election, more responders under the age of 25 said they plan on not voting, rather than vote for either candidate - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

CNN reported that Americans are more politically polarized now, then they've been in the past 46 years, with millennials guiding this trend. 

To look up your polling site and ballot, visit: vote411.org