Perfect Golf brings innovative twist to golf

Posted at 7:44 PM, May 27, 2016

If you've ever picked up a golf club, you can understand the joy and frustration the game can bring. 

But now, a Buffalo based start-up, could hold the key to golf perfection, aptly named, Perfect Golf.

"You have a convergence of virtual reality and reality that we've never seen before," said Robert Samuels, the Chairman and CEO of Perfect Golf. "From my perspective, looking at the industry, its been rather stale for the past 40 years." 

Inside the former Trico building in Buffalo, creative minds like Robert Samuels and Keith Blakely, a co-founder of the company, are looking to change the game of golf.  And the driving force behind it all is a new, interactive video game.

"It's a very interesting game in the fact that it's based on real analytics, it's not archaic," said Samuels. 

Players choose a ball and clubs, all of which are true to the physics, statistics and form. Then, they hit the course.

"The idea of making golf more enjoyable, not just to golfers, but to gamers was really kind of intriguing," said Keith Blakely, co-founder of Perfect Golf.

And, the "Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf" video game is just the beginning.

"The next step is to now integrate virtual reality into reality," said Samuels, "utilizing enhanced golf ball technologies."

Samuels is talking about high-tech golf balls the company is developing, which includes a GPS sensor system. This allows for real-time tracking and flight path analysis, it can even record entire rounds which can then be replayed on the video game.

"You can theoretically go out, play 18 holes, come home and watch that on the video game again with Jack Nicklaus," said Samuels.  "If this is not the true definition of disruptive innovation, I don't know what is."

The "Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf" video game was launched earlier this month.  It's currently available on P.C. and Apple devices.  It will be available for Playstation and X-Box in the coming months.  As for the high-tech golf ball, look for that in 2017.

And if you're wondering, the company is hiring. They are looking for engineers, software engineers and candidates with a marketing background in the tech industry. If you're interested in learning more email Jobs@perfect.golf.