Buffalo School Board passes resolution, will file petition to remove Carl Paladino

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 23:15:46-05

The Buffalo Board of Education is now one of three organizations petitioning the state to remove Carl Paladino from the school board.

Earlier on Wednesday, the The Buffalo Teachers Federation and The New York State United Teachers filed paperwork against Paladino, as well. Both for the controversial comments he made in Art Voice in late December.

The Board of Education voted 6-3 to file a petition for Paladino's removal, but not for the controversial comments. Instead, it concerns information he allegedly shared with the media about teacher union contract details discussed during an executive session.

“What Carl did do, was disclose quite frankly something that should have been in public. And when you have these increasing trends towards private meetings, executive sessions and as a member, more and more and more you're restricted on what I can say to you,” said board member Larry Quinn.

Paladino believes this is just another excuse to remove him from the board.

“I think the true intent is to get me off the board because I pry too much into the unethical and illegal things that they do,” said Paladino.

The public also had a chance to weigh in. One person even suggested a fist fight.

“I propose to you, that you participate with me, in a three round, three minute, boxing expedition,” said Sam Herbert, a concerned resident.

In response, Paladino says he understands them, and understands they have limited knowledge of the workings of the board. He also said he forgives them.

The Buffalo Board of Education has about a week to officially file this petition.

Lawyers for both Paladino and the board will be paid with taxpayer dollars.