Buffalo police provide update in officer involved shooting

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 09:12:46-04

The investigation continues into a shooting that left one Buffalo police officer injured and a suspect dead.

The incident happened at the corner of Garfield Street and Hartman Place on Sunday. Police said Buffalo police officers Joseph Acquino and Justin Tedesco pulled over 26-year-old Jose Hernandez-Rossy, and at some point, Acquino and Hernandez-Rossy were involved in a struggle. That's when police said Acquino was shot in the head by the suspect.  The struggle continued, according to police, and Hernandez-Rossy was eventually shot in the arm by a Buffalo police officer.

However--it's still unclear who shot Hernandez-Rossy.

7 Eyewitness news Reporter Ali Touhey: Which officer shot the suspect?
Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda: Again, right now, the investigation continues and we'll have further details later.
Touhey: Why was the suspect stopped in the first place?
Derenda: Again, it was a traffic stop. I don't have all the details at this point. An investigation is continuing.

“The officer today is very lucky to be alive. An inch difference and it would be a different story today so we're very pleased that the officer is alive and with us,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

Officer Tedesco was treated and released from the hospital. Officer Acquino is listed in fair condition at E.C.M.C. As for Hernandez-Rossy, he was shot in the arm. He died at Kenmore Mercy Hospital Sunday night.

We expect another update in the coming days as this investigation is far from over.