Buffalo party promoters talk security at city hall

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 25, 2016

At least a half dozen Buffalo party promoters were invited to a roundtable discussion at Buffalo City Hall.

Buffalo Common Council President, Darius Pridgen arranged the event. The promoters met with city leaders to talk about bar and club security. The promoters say they want to work with The City of Buffalo to ensure that all clubs and bars in downtown are very safe.

This following a shooting outside The Lodge on Chippewa more than a month ago. They said to avoid situations like this from happening again, they need help from Buffalo Police Department.

“We could have 400 guards inside a spot that holds 200 people. But once those people go outside the establishment it’s like to nothing,” Party Promoter, Anthony Corey said.

Justin Leigher a security guard in Buffalo’s Entertainment District said most crimes happen outside of the bars, places like dark unsecured parking lots that are not owned by the clubs. He said there needs to be better communication between bar security and Buffalo Police about large events, so they can help patrol the parties when they’re over.

“Promoters are actually doing a great job because they over staff to ensure the patrons safety. But when they actually do leave, yes, we need to be able to contact them(Buffalo Police) and let them know that we are evaluating these many masses of people from this major event,” Leigher said.

Another issue he said is happening is many clubs and bars don’t feel comfortable calling police, because of the negative perception it could have on their business. Promoters hope that will change and the city will work with them.

“Entertainment district is bumbling. It’s moving and it’s more than just coming downtown to eat. People come down for cocktails or whatever the case maybe. But we just need to make sure that everybody feel safe and everybody is safe,” Corey said.