Buffalo neighbors see increase in garbage totes

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jul 16, 2018

Many homeowners in Buffalo received an invoice in the mail Monday for higher user fees in the city. 

"It was a little outrageous for my wife and I to see how much it increased," said Larry Scott who lives in North Buffalo.

Scott says his trash bill has increased 40%.

The city's garbage user fee also increases depending on the size of a homeowner's tote. The fee for a small tote will increase from $140 to $162, while the fee for a large tote will rise from $175 to $237 - an increase of $62.

The city says this is the first price-hike in 13 years, and the money pays for weekly trash pickup, recycling, bulk trash pickup, electronic waste drop off, yard waste pickup and other things. The city also says its solid waste footprint is going down.

Customers say they still have questions, and can't get through to the city's 311 phone number for answers.

Customers also say they tried to pay online, but received a error message.

This isn't the only hit homeowners in the city are taking this year. For the first time in 13 years, property taxes are also going up 3.4%.

The city says the extra cost will go toward the rising cost of health care, pensions and cost of living adjustments.