Buffalo melts 109 year-old record, hits new high for October 9th

Posted at 1:34 PM, Oct 09, 2018

Summer just isn't ready to let go.

The temperature hit 82 degrees at the Buffalo Niagara airport at 1 p.m., surpassing the old record high of 81 degrees for this date set back in 1909.

And we can expect more of the same tomorrow. 

The streak of summer-like days will continue for midweek with another near 80F degree day.  Only about a 20% chance of a shower during the afternoon

High: 80F
Low: 67F

AM Showers & TStorms, turning Much Cooler by afternoon. Morning high: 70, with temps falling into the 50s into the evening.

High: 70F
Low: 67F

Partly Sunny & Much Cooler. A few light showers are possible well inland, away from the metro area, and in Orleans County. High: 50 hills-55.

High: 50F
Low: 47F

Partly to Mostly Cloudy and Chilly. Mostly dry, but a few light showers may develop off the milder water of Lakes Erie & Ontario.

High: 50F
Low: 43F


Mostly Cloudy with scattered rain showers.

High: 55F
Low: 42F

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