Buffalo man's property vandalized with racial slurs

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 18:42:38-05

Sean Reid woke up Friday morning to find a racial slur scratched into the driver's side door of his truck.  The fence outside his home on the east side of Buffalo has the same racial slur painted in two spots, along with the word "deadbeat".

Reid has another truck that was covered in gold paint in December and received a racist and threatening letter in the mail in early January.  All these are separate incidents, but Reid, and Buffalo Police, think they are connected.

"Four times now," said Reid.  "Four times.  Four separate incidents."

Reid says all this started after a disagreement with the handyman he hired to put up a new fence.  After agreeing to pay half the price up front and the other half after the fence was finished, Reid says the man changed his mind halfway through the job.

The handyman was reached by telephone Friday afternoon.  He claims the agreement was for him to be paid three times throughout the duration of his job.

Buffalo Police are investigating the incidents and a spokesperson says the department "believes the incidents are connected" and involve "individuals known to each other".

The handyman says he has not been interviewed by police regarding these incidents, but his name is listed on two of the four police reports.