Buffalo man says package was stolen from porch

Posted at 11:42 PM, Jul 18, 2016

It was July 6th when Tom Waski of Buffalo received a notification from Amazon saying his package had been delivered. When he got home, he noticed no package, so Waski went through his surveillance video, and found out what happened.

"The camera picks up motion when he walks up the steps and rings the doorbell, he looks around and covers his face with his shirt," Waski said.

In the video, you can see a man, wearing sandals and a baseball cap entering Waski's porch. He looks around, and rings the doorbell a few times.

"In the second video, you can see him with the package in his shopping bag as he heads down the steps toward Elmwood," Waski said.

He says his surveillance camera captures chips in 30-second increments, and didn't capture the man actually putting the package in his bag. If you look closely at the video, you can see the doorway propped open by what appears to be a package with a white label. Seconds later, as the man walks away, the door is closed and the package appears to be gone.

"It's just an invasion of privacy," he said. "I work hard for this house, to keep it up, to afford it and he stole a package that's meaningless to him."

Ironically, the package contained batteries for the surveillance camera. The cost was about $20.00.

Waski filed a police report, to document the incident.

Buffalo Police say a good rule rule of thumb is to never have a package delivered when you aren't home.