Buffalo looking to give a break on some unpaid parking tickets

Posted at 6:39 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 18:39:08-04

It's easy to forget about unpaid parking tickets from years ago. But, the city of Buffalo remembers and it is still looking to get all that money.

Every year, around $1 million in parking tickets goes unpaid. That's money the city would like to put in its general fund to help pay for all kinds of programs.

"We use every tool in our tool box to get paid for parking tickets," Kevin Helfer, Buffalo's Commissioner of Parking, said.

But, the city could soon be willing to forgive some of the late fees that have piled up over the years for people who are willing to come forward and pay their original fine.

For a three month period in early 2019, Buffalo plans to run a ticket amnesty program. The details aren't finalized, but city officials are looking at similar programs in other municipalities to see what works best. It would only involve unpaid tickets that are more than two years old.

"This is something that we've toyed with for many a years," Helfer explained. "Is it the right time? Is it not the right time? We certainly think now is the right time."

The city of Buffalo expects to collect around $1 million dollars during the amnesty program, according to Helfer. It's included in Mayor Brown's proposed 2018-19 budget.

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