Buffalo Leaders address sidewalks and speeding issues

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 18:47:40-04

Two Buffalo Councilmen are taking action against the crumbling sidewalks in the inner city. This following the death of 7-month-old, Nyree Anderson. She was killed after a car hit her stroller on Mosselle Street last month. The busted sidewalk on Mosselle is blamed for forcing her mother to walk in the street with the stroller.

Council members David Franczyk and Rasheed Wyatt are working together to push new measures addressing the side walk issue, cars speeding, and running stop signs. Both will meet with Buffalo Police Commissioner, Daniel Derenda to talk about ways to slow speeders down on residential streets.

"Myself and Council member Rasheed Wyatt are meeting with him tomorrow to talk about ticketing the hell out of these individuals who are breaking the law," Franczyk said.

"First time you get a slap on the hand. But if it's progressively a problem then you know making that fine a little bit more," Wyatt said.

Councilman Wyatt is also pushing to get more police officers patrolling resident streets. Also possibly putting up a stop sign near the spot Anderson was hit.

"I don't want to see another kid that's going to be killed by a car," Councilman Wyatt said.

Franczyk wants to also hold city demolition contractors responsible for fixing the sidewalks. He said they are destroying sidewalks with the heavy equipment they use to tear down houses.

"They never should have been paid for doing that demolition until they replaced the sidewalks the way they found them," Franczyk said.

The Council members say addressing these issues will keep another tragedy from happening.