Buffalo landlords could face shaming for neglect

Posted at 11:20 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 09:48:40-04

To combat neglect from landlords on homes in the Ellicott District, Council Member Darius Pridgen will be posting signs in front calling out the individuals. 

"In the Ellicott District if you're going to own property, you need to take care of it, or at least give it some effort" Council member Darius Pridgen said. 

It's called Operation Slumlord, and will include the names and addresses of neglectful landlords so the community can call them out for leaving parts of the neighborhood in disarray. 

"If they're ashamed, that's their problem," Pridgen says, "At the end of the day they should be ashamed of how they leave these properties."

Operation Slumlord will begin next week and will identify ten of the worst properties in Ellicott District. Those will be properties with overgrown lawns, chipped paint, and general signs of severe neglect. By the end of this summer, those properties will each have a special surprise. 

"We'll give them a gift of a plaque card out front of their location where the blinded property is that will list their name and address" Pridgen says. 

Pridgen says he hopes this will lead to more accountability. 

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