Buffalo history teacher nominated for national award

The winners will be announced on June 14
Posted at 9:32 PM, Apr 25, 2018

A Buffalo history teacher is now in the running for a prestigious national award. 

Rich Pyszczek was recently nominated for the Harris History Teacher Award.  The award is given to one middle and one high school teacher each year. 

Pyszczek is the high school nominee from New York.  

The award is presented to teachers who demonstrate a commitment to engaging students in historical learning.

"Rich is a hardworking, committed, and compassionate History teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding and extraordinary learning opportunities for the students of Buffalo," said Dr. Fatima Morrell, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction. "He ensures Buffalo students are prepared to present at History Day competitions locally and regionally each year. His work with students was so outstanding last year that Buffalo Public Schools students qualified for the National History Day competition. Rich's students experienced immeasurable opportunities and were able to further enhance their understandings of History and the world. I am extremely grateful to Rich for all that he does."

Pyszczek works in the Social Studies Department in the Buffalo Public School District. 

The two national winners will be announced on National History Day on June 14.

Good luck! 

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