Buffalo entrepreneur creates "The Airbnb for event space"

Posted at 10:28 AM, Oct 22, 2018

Planning an event is a stressful job for anyone. Buffalo natives created a business to help make the event planning process a little less stressful by creating Anythingbuffalo.com

The website is a one stop shop for people trying to plan or rent out a venue for a large event or a small meeting. The site launched in May and has 11 listings to choose from. 

"It's a blessing and a curse in Buffalo," Caitlyn Ring, one of the founders of AnythingBuffalo said. "Because Buffalo is small enough that we kinda know what is out there. At the same time, when you are shopping to actually have an event, it's not that simple and not that easy." Ring is one of a team of four people, Jessica Kane, Michael Smith and Derek Paradowski that keep the business running. 

Venues range from the Ellicott Square building to an empty gallery on Main Street to the Botanical gardens-- each listing has a very detailed description of each place, the price, and what comes with the space. 

"Anything you can think of we want you to come to us," Ring said. "It just kinda seemed like a no brainer." 

Ring visited her brother in New York City and came across a similar type of business there. She thought "An Airbnb" for event and meeting space was needed in the Queen City. 

"I wanted to make something unique for Buffalo," Ring added. "Kind of puts us in competition with some other cities that are doing similar things." 

Ring owns a boutique, is the Director of Marketing at The Ellicott Development company, and an artist. With all her connections and experiences, she wanted to share her knowledge and expertise with the community. 

"Just to put the ease into this kind of stuff," Ring said. "It's something that causes a headache for a lot of people and we kinda want to make that process just a little bit smoother."  

The start-up is growing. Five new venues are being added like the Jewish Community Center and The Buffalo News. Businesses do not have to pay to be on the site if they sign up in the first year. 

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