Buffalo Diocese releases names of 42 suspected pedophile priests

Posted at 10:44 AM, Mar 20, 2018

The Buffalo Diocese has released the names of 42 diocesan priests removed from ministry, were retired, or left the ministry following allegations of sexual abuse of a minor since 1950.

According to the Diocese, this list also includes deceased priests with more than one allegation made against them

The dates next to several of the names listed below indicates the year the individual passed away.

*John R. Aurelio  (2009)

*Donald W. Becker

*David M. Bialkowski

*Robert J. Biesinger   (2012)

*James H. Cotter  (1991)

*Donald S. Fafinski

*Douglas F. Faraci

*Fred G. Fingerle  (2002)

*Michael R. Freeman  (2010)

*Joseph P. Friel  (1995)

*Mark M. Friel

*Thomas G. Gresock

*John P. Hajduk

*Michael J. Harrington   (1989)

*Brian M. Hatrick

*James F. Hayes (1988)

*Louis J. Hendricks (1990)

*J. Grant Higgins  (2016)

*Francis T. Hogan  (2010)

*Fred D. Ingalls

*Florian A. Jasinski (1983)

*Gerald C. Jasinski

*Richard P. Judd (1988)

*Timothy J. Kelley

*Thomas L. Kemp

*Richard J. Keppeler (2011)

*John D. Lewandowski (1982)

*Bernard M. Mach  (2004)

*Loville N. Martlock (2014)

*Thomas J. McCarthy

*Basil A. Ormsby (1997)

*Norbert F. Orsolits

*Martin L. Pavlock

*Roy K. Ronald (2013)

*Joseph E. Schieder (1996)

*Gerard A. Smyczynski (1999)

*James A. Spielman

*Chester S. Stachewicz  

*Edward J. Walker  (2002)

*William G. Ward (2008)

*William F. J. White  (2016)

*Robert W. Wood

A Diocese spokesperson says there will be no recorded interviews today, Tuesday, 3/20. 

7 EWN reporter Ed Reilly did ask the Diocese whether any additional priests not listed here are under investigation, he was told, "no comment."

If you were abused by a priest on this list, the Diocese wants you to call the Diocesan Victim's Confidential Hotline at 716-895-3010.

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