Buffalo children's author overcoming Down syndrome

Posted at 6:33 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 18:33:38-04

Today Families across Western New York are celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. 

One of those people were 34-year old Engelic Everett. She’s a Buffalo children’s author who’s not letting a disability stop her life. 

“I have confidence in myself and determination,” Everett said. 

Everett was born with Down syndrome and now has book called “Olivia The Bully.” It’s a children’s book that’s about a rabbit who bullies other kids at school. Through a personal experience she learns a lesson. 

“She learns at the end of the book it’s not nice to bully others,” Everett said. 

The author said the idea of the book was inspired by a friend. She admits to experiencing some bullying in school as a child. 

Like Everett, more than 300,000 Americans live with Down syndrome. It’s a disorder that causes developmental and intellectual delays. Through modern day blood test doctors can tell if a child will have it as early as 10-weeks into a pregnancy. 

But Everett said having Down syndrome doesn’t make a person any different. 

“Treat us as human beings and get to know us better, before you label us,” Everett said. 

She admits to learning her confidence and determination from her 86-year old grandmother who raised her. Everett is planning to pen another book. The second book will be about respect and manners.  

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