Buffalo Catholic Diocese's new list of priests accused of sexual abuse

Bishop Malone gives opening remarks
Posted at 3:22 PM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 14:28:52-05

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has released a new list of 36 priests accused of sexual abuse of a minor. This is in addition to the original list of 42 priests that the Diocese released earlier this year. 


Diocesan Priests

Rev. Ron Becker (2009)

Seminarian from Trenton
Rev. Robert P. Conlin (1997)
Rev. Paul R. Coppola (2006)
Rev. Dennis Fronczak
Msgr. Gerald Leo Green (2012)
Rev. Louis Mako
Rev. Frances McKenna (1997)
Rev. Robert Moss (2018)
Rev. Michael Raimondo RIP Italy
Rev. Joseph Rappl
Rev. Joseph A. Schuster (2007)
Rev. Gerald Sheehan (2006)
Rev. Ronald Silverio
Rev. Howard Slack (1976)
Rev. Arthur Smith
Rev. Clatus E. Snyder (2001)
Msgr. William G. Stanton (2004)
Rev. Harry Richard Strassberger (1999)
Rev. Samuel Venne
Rev. Charles Werth (2017)

Religious Orders

Rev. Benedict Barszcz, SAC

Rev. James Burson, CJM
Rev. Peter Conroy, SJ
Rev. James Gould, SJ
Rev. Stanley Idziak, SAC
Rev. Paul Keeling, CRSP
Rev. Theodore Kocian, SAC
Rev. Michael Kolodziej, OFM Conv
Rev. Linus E. Kopczewski, OFM
Rev. Thomas R. Marshall, CSP
Rev. Rene Maynard, OFM
Rev. Loren Nys, SDS
Rev. Theodore Podson, SchP
Rev. Maurice Scheier, OFM
Rev. James Smyka, OFM Conv
Rev. Bernard Splawski, OFM


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