Buffalo Boy Scouts troop includes Girl Scouts in annual "Camporee"

Posted at 11:23 PM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 23:23:36-04

Boy Scouts troop 139 hosted the 8th annual "Camporee" Friday night. The event gives the Boy Scout's a chance to camp in the heart of Buffalo, and this year, Girl Scout troop 30015 was included in the camping. 

"We just want them to enjoy some of the things they might not do in girl scouts that we do in boy scouts" Troop Committee Chair Leona Harper said. 

This past week the Girl Scouts of the USA had called out the Boy Scouts of America for recruiting girls into the Boy Scouts organization. According to organizers of the "Camporee", the event is not meant to turn their back on the Girl Scouts organization, but show the Boy Scouts that the girls are capable of keeping up. 

"Girl Scouts are more gentrified. So now we are bringing the Girl Scouts out to get a chance to do what the Boy Scouts do" Gerileen Becton, a grandmother of three Girl Scouts, said.

Boy Scouts troop 139 is not actively recruiting girls into their troop, but the Girl Scouts who attended "Camporee" see the event as a time for them to show the Boy Scouts they belong. 

"We can do as much as what guys can do," Evelin Moppins, a Girl Scout said, "We can (build) tents ... So we're trying to prove a point."

Girl Scouts troop 30015 is hoping that this inclusion is one small step in furthering a joint community between boys and girls.