Buffalo Bisons 2018 season: What you need to know

Posted at 4:20 AM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 10:34:26-04

There are a lot of changes to the 2018 season of Buffalo Bisons baseball...including a new mascot to replace Celery!

Don't worry, Celery isn't gone forever. Celery will going to be at every game at 'Won Celery Place' by Section 104 where Bisons fans can meet Celery and take their photos together. There's also a new 25-person Celery themed suite on club level, available for gameday rentals.

Celery's replacement during WCC races could be fish fry, pizza, wet nap, sponge candy, carrot and beef on weck. The winner will be unveiled opening night where the Bisons will take on Indianapolis at 2:05 p.m.

As for the games themselves, there are new rules across Minor League baseball. Teams will now start all extra innings with a runner on second base. This includes the eighth and ninth innings of doubleheader games. The pitch clock will be reduced to 15 seconds. This will give fans a better picture of when games will actually end.

2018 also means new merchandise and of course, new food. Keep you eyes peeled for a new cap with a scripted 'B' from the Bisons' first uniforms at Coca-Cola Field. To quench your thirst during games, the Bisons have added a new stand at section 105. The Founder's Brewing Beverage Stand features the 'All Day IPA' and Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

If you're looking for something to eat, your choices range from sweet to savory. The Original Pizza Log will offer a new apple-filled dessert log. Each time the Bisons come home to Coca-Cola field, there will be a new 'Homestand Hot Dog' with flavors like Buffalo Dog, BBQ Bacon Dog and the Can-Am Dog, served with poutine on top. You could also munch on mac and cheese cones, bacon-wrapped pork skewers with BBQ sauce and a black bean burger. Is your appetite bigger than that? Try a giant pierogi, a half-poound stuffed pierogi filled with sliced Sahlen's hot dogs. 

For more information and tickets, you can click the Bisons website here.