Buffalo Bills fans: Here's your chance to own a piece of New Era Field

Posted at 1:38 PM, Aug 28, 2018

Would you like to add a statue of a horse sporting a Bills jersey to your man cave?

How about Billy Buffalo's motor bike or a gold turf cut-out marking the 50 yard line? 

They could all be yours - if the price is right. 

Cash Realty & Auctions is hosting an online auction in collaboration with the Buffalo Bills Foundation. 

Dozens of new and used items that were once part of the action at New Era Field or the ADPRO Sports Training Center will be up for bid.

Bidding begins at noon on September 10th and continues through September 20th. 

All items will need to be picked up from Cash Realty & Auction on Sawyer Avenue in Tonawanda by September 28th. 

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