Buff State challenges students to think long term when it comes to wellness

Posted at 11:19 AM, Jan 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-10 11:19:36-05

A New Year brings new resolutions, but when it comes to young adults, are trendy resolutions like weight loss and fad diets actually good for their health?

Medical experts say, often times more patients come in during the beginning of the new year with injuries tied to these type of resolutions - overdoing it at the gym, dehydration, and energy loss due to lack of eating.

Research shows, for college students, many of whom are already dealing with social pressures of being in college, the added pressures of comparison and achieving goals tied to these kind of resolutions can prove more hurtful than helpful.

At Buffalo State College, they're changing the conversation about overall wellness by starting a new initiative open to all students during all four years of enrollment, called the "Orange Shirt Experience."

Rock Doyle, Assistant Vice President of Health & Wellness shared this reminder, "I think what you need to understand is the social pressures that many of the youth do feel are tied to weight and what they view as ideal weight."

This new initiative starts with an orange shirt, but it doesn't end there.

Students stop in, schedule a physical and from there they are paired with professionals who assist in coaching, monitoring and empowering them to focus on the importance of overall health & wellness - not just reaching a goal weight or succeeding at a new diet.

Exercise ties right in to this as well.

Sean Roberts has worked at Buff State for 19 years. As Head Athletic Trainer he said, "when a resolution takes place that really has a lot to do with, this is what I need to get done immediately, and immediate change is good, but can you sustain that?"

Sustainability and consistency - two important factors that help young people create good habits.

Habits experts say will ultimately serve them much better in the long run than the short run.