Bride and little girl share a fairy-tale moment

Posted at 11:39 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 23:39:44-04

Akron Falls Park is the place Nicole Wickins found herself this past Saturday. She’s a wedding photographer. 

Wickins was getting some shots of Olivia Spark in her wedding dress, before her wedding. During the shoot, a 5 year old decided to make a cameo.

“Layla spotted Cinderella or who she thought was Cinderella,” said Jessica Lester, Layla’s mom.

Layla loves princesses. She's also autistic. Saturday she got a chance to meet Cinderella. 
And Wickins made sure to capture the magic.

“I looked at the groom and I looked at Caleb, and I was like do you know her? And he was like no, we don't know her,” recalled Wickins.

Spark played along. On her special day, she quickly and gladly took on the role of a fairy tale princess.

“Every woman wants to feel like a princess and she made me feel like a princess,” said Spark.

Layla's mom says she knows it can be tough for people to interact with her daughter, but Olivia just had the magic touch.

“Open your heart to them and they'll fill it with love they always do in their own special way,” said Jessica Lester.

And Layla returned the favor.

“She made my day go from 10 to 100 real quick,” added Spark.

A friendship between these two? Impossible? Things are happening every day. 

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