Bradford Central School officials respond to principal's murder/suicide

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jul 03, 2018

A Corning community is in mourning.

The body of 29-year old trooper Nicholas Clark is now home. Thousands lined the roadways Monday night as a procession brought his body home. A large American flag could be seen hanging from an overpass as the procession passed.

Clark was gunned down Monday in the line of duty near Corning Community College.

Police said 43-year-old Steven Kiley fired the shot that took the troopers life. He later committed suicide.

Bradford Central School District Officials confirm Kiley was the K-12 building principal. He held that role since July of 2016. But, he had been employed by the district since 2012.

District officials said they're fully cooperating with the police investigation. “Trooper Clark was a hero as are all men and women in law enforcement,” said Bradford Central Superintendent, John Marshall. “Please know we are cooperating fully with the NYS Police. To our students, staff, and all parties effected by this tragedy, please know we are here to support you throughout this process.”

Clark leaves behind his mother, father, and brother.

Funeral arrangements are still being finalized.

To donate to Clark’s family, click here.

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