Boy battling cancer joins the SWAT team

Posted at 11:23 AM, Jul 06, 2018

For several years, 12-year old Andrew Masse has been in the battle for his life.  But lately, Andrew has been busy battling crime across Western New York.

The 12-year-old has worked with Town of Evans PD, became an honorary police officer and road captain for Buffalo Police, and worked alongside the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Just recently,  the Town of Hamburg Police Department was lucky enough to have Andrew join the SWAT team on a "search warrant" executed on a house in Hamburg on July 4th. Dressed in his SWAT gear and armed with his cuffs and courage, Andrew entered the home with the team to find the "subject" located in a back bedroom. Andrew took the bad guy down, cuffed him, walked him out to the waiting patrol car and slammed the door shut on him before giving fist bumps to his co-workers for a job well done.

Great work Andrew Masse!


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