Book artist to teach kids story theatre

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 19:16:41-05

Scott Morrella is an artist, theater enthusiast and lover of everything books. Now he is taking his passions to another level with one goal in mind.

“Inspire kids to keep reading alive and keep writing alive,” Morrella said.

He moved back to South Buffalo a few years ago and became a book artist. “I'm actually making books from single sheets of paper. It starts with folding and cutting then I sew the sheets together to bind it,” Morrella explained.

Now he wants to start an art-literacy program for kids incorporating all his talents.

“I want to work with kids and take written stories and move them back into oral traditions. Take stories already written down and do story theatre. Then adapt them and take their original stories and make their own stories and make them into books where they would illustrate them and write them,’ Morrella said.

Morrella wants to do this in collaboration with the cafe and bookstore Dog Ears in South Buffalo. It is a non-profit whose goal is to also promote self-discovery through arts and literacy.

“We do a lot for the community we have kids programs for toddlers and we have summer programs for reading and writing. Each week we have a program for different grades,” Dog Ears Volunteer Lynn Carloni said.

Morrella said South Buffalo is the perfect yet unexpected fit for his unique dream.

“I grew up in South Buffalo. I couldn't imagine going back and now I can't imagine being anywhere else. There is a great sense of community. People I never thought I would make connections with are such a big part of my life,” Morrella said.

He said this dream goes even beyond the community.

“As a book artist, there is a need to resist this digital push. Books are super important. We don't want to lose them so I feel like I have a responsibility to make sure people keep reading,” Morrella said.

Morrella said he and his passion are here to stay.

“I feel the universe has a very funny way of sending us all over the world and bringing us back to where we belong. In my case it’s my hometown,” Morrella said.




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