Black Panther creating buzz in Buffalo

Posted at 7:17 PM, Jan 15, 2018

February 16th is the date Marvel fans are waiting on. It's the film release date for "Black Panther.
Marvel's first ever black super hero movie is creating a lot of buzz across the country and in Buffalo.

The movie is already raking in a lot of green, exactly one month ahead of it's debut. 

The film has set a record, selling more advance tickets in its first 24 hours than any previous Marvel studios movie. According to a Fandango survey, Black Panther is the most anticipated film in 2018. 

Panthfrica is a grassroots organization empowering African Americans through Arts in Buffalo. The group is hosting watch parties inside three screening rooms at the Regal Cinemas Walden Galleria. Seats are already sold out. 

"Marvel didn't contact us. We saw it as being very pernict to make sure that everybody in the City of Buffalo that we can reach out to, make sure they are there at that movie," Edreys Wajed said. 

Black Panther isn't new to the scene. He's been part of Marvel comics for more than 50 years. As we get closer to the release date of the movie, those books are quickly flying off of stands at Collector's Inn. 

Edreys Wajed and his wife Alexa say they can't wait to take their two teenage sons to this movie. 

"Being able to see a vision of yourself on the screen there's no words for that," Alexa said. 
"It wouldn't have to be any lines in the movie for me. I would sit there for two hours and watch all the visuals," Edreys said. 

Friend of the Wajed's Amina Boyd said this movie is what we need in the mist of this political climate. 

"It's a big deal that everyone in the film is black. It's a big deal that we're seen in this postive light. That can reenforce good thoughts, good messages to young people," Boyd said. 

To find out more about Panthfrica go to https://www.panthfrica.com/