"Black Lives Matter" Movement Formalizes Message

Posted at 12:07 AM, Jul 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 00:07:26-04

In light of recent police-related shootings that have occurred within the past month, organizers behind the local "Black Lives Matter" movement announced today that they are formalizing their message by starting a local chapter. 

After a series of non-violent protests throughout the City, activists and supporters within the local movement are working together to unify their mission. Tonight, members of the community gathered together on the East Side of Buffalo to explain the importance behind their new agenda. 

In a formal statement, senior "BLM" organizer Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux expressed, "we want people to understand that we are an intellectual group and we feel like we can win this fight by using our head and our brain, rather than out might."

The new chapter plans to address big controversies, like: Community Policing Relations and the Education Crisis in Buffalo. In addition, they plan to address sidewalks and other Quality Of Life concerns within the community. 

Martin-Bordeaux said, though long-term change will take time, the creation of this chapter is a major step forward for the entire community.