Black doll found hanging at Canisius College

Posted at 2:43 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 18:53:10-05

Students at Canisius College in Buffalo are outraged after a black doll was discovered in an elevator on campus and found hanging from a curtain rod in a residence room hall.

School leaders and campus police were notified about the doll in Frisch Hall, on Tuesday night.
7 Eyewitness News talked to several students on campus on Wednesday. Many of those Canisius students say they are hurt and angry at this act.

A black male student-athlete told us he's considering leaving the college. He said he has experienced other racial related incidents at Canisius, since enrolling. The student government organization is planning to address the incident and the lack of racial diversity on campus.

In a statement, Canisius College President, John Hurley called the act despicable. He also said Canisius is investigating the incident and whoever did this will be held responsible.

"We should also keep perspective and not paint the entire campus community with a broad brush over the stupid act of one or a few individuals," Hurley said.

On Thursday, Hurley issued a message to the campus, saying in part:

"With respect to the doll incident, our Public Safety department has worked diligently since Tuesday evening to get to the bottom of this matter and I am very grateful for their prompt and thorough work on the case. I received their report this morning. There were two separate incidents involving two unrelated sets of students: the placement of the doll in the elevator originally, and the use of the doll in a residence hall room that resulted in a photograph of the doll hanging from a curtain rod."

"I want to announce to the campus community that the principal participants in the residence hall room incident have been involuntarily suspended from the college immediately, pending an adjudication of their disciplinary cases. Based on what I heard at the open session and from parents who contacted the college, our students need to know that the people who participated in this event are no longer on the campus."

Hurley's statement also mentions that the string's at the doll's neck are part of it's construction.

Several black students said they believe these type of incidents will only get worse as President-Elect, Donald Trump takes office.

According to Forbes.com, 6.9 percent of Canisius student body are African-Americans, and 71.9 percent are white.