Bills' rookie QB talks faith, family & football

Posted at 12:09 AM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 00:09:04-04

Nathan Peterman has been on quite a ride over the past twelve months. 

The 23-year old earned his Master of Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, led the Pitt Panthers to their highest scoring offense in school history, and married the love of his life, Morgan.  They celebrated their first wedding anniversary the same weekend he got drafted in the fifth round by the Buffalo Bills. 

“I’m really thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given, and that God has blessed me with too,” Peterman told 7 Eyewitness News anchor Ashley Rowe.

In the rookie quarterback’s first one-on-one television interview since joining the Bills, Peterman said he’s already getting a good sense of what Bills Nation is all about.

“I remember walking in the locker room the first day and had a stack of fan mail and some packages,” Peterman said.  “That was pretty surreal to me, that was amazing. I can tell the fan base here is awesome and looking forward to hopefully getting to interact a bit more with them.”
The Jacksonville, Florida native is now focused on getting game-ready.  Bills’ Head Coach Sean McDermott says his players will earn their spot on this team.  As a fifth-round draft pick, Peterman knows he’s in line.  

“I certainly have some goals, personal goals of mine. But I figure, football is a pretty unpredictable sport so whenever your opportunity comes you just need to be ready. And that's just my goal, I guess, is to be ready for whatever opportunity may come," Peterman said.

Peterman comes to Buffalo after an impressive senior season at Pitt.  He’s even been said to have Tom Brady-esque potential – that’s a lot of pressure for an NFL rookie. 

He stays grounded with the help of his family and his faith, two forces that are incredibly intertwined for him.  Nathan’s father, Chuck, started a church in his family’s living room 13 years ago.  Since then, the church has more than 1,000 members.

"I think it's what's kept me going. It's my number one priority above everything else. It's what grounds me with how I play and why I'm playing," Peterman said.