Bills fans weigh in on Rex Ryan's fate as HC

Posted at 11:41 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 23:41:57-05

You know the number, Bills Fans. 17 long years since the Bills have made it to the playoffs (assuming their slim chance to make the playoffs becomes 0). That number could very well spell the end for Head Coach Rex Ryan. 

I think its time for a change, said Andy Lanigan, a Bills season ticket holder. 

Reports before Sunday's match against the Steelers suggested Ryan could be gone by Monday. A Monday evening news conference made it pretty clear, Ryan is still the coach. That's good news according to some fans.  

He's a good coach that gets a lot of flak, said Nick Bannister. If we fire him right now, it would be too soon. Make that decision at the end of the season.

A lot of me wants to say yes, but you can't fire a guy with the lot of things that have gone wrong this year, said Greg Bannister.

Other fans, say enough is enough. It's time for Rex Ryan to go.

It's a lot of money that we're spending that we're not getting the results for, said

There are three games left in the 2016 season and likely setting up another year of hoping next year, really is the year, with or without Rex Ryan.