Bills fans tailgate the night before the game

Posted at 8:27 PM, Dec 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-11 20:27:45-05

Freezing temperatures and some snow on the ground did not stop a group of friends from having fun Saturday night. That includes playing the sport they drove two hours to watch on Sunday: some football. But the night before the Bills versus the Pittsburgh Steelers game is young. The group set up shop on the camper lot, and while I shivered, teenagers ran across the snowy, and icy ground, their breath easy to spot in the 27 degree weather.

"Rain or shine, snow, sleet, anything, we'll be out there no problem," said Jack Crane, who's been a lifelong Bills fan. "The snow is not a problem!"

"Yeah we love the cold, that's why we're here, we're in Buffalo," said Mark Crane, who drove from Fairport to Buffalo.

It's a tradition this group has been doing for years, driving from Fairport and camping out the night before.

"It's great coming to Buffalo and being able to tailgate," said Mark. "A lot of stadiums you can't tailgate anymore, it's great coming to Buffalo."

And just some RV's away, a red, white, and blue truck stands out.

"We bought it, it was brown, it was beige, it was a dolphins green," said Richard Foley, owner of the truck. "We had it painted."

Painted and completely decked out in everything Bills both outside and inside. It's a six year tradition for Foley, who also set up a big screen TV, speakers, tents, a fire, and flags, even though he's not far from home.

"I live right around the corner from the stadium, still doing this, having a good time," said Foley.

It's a sight you can't miss while driving by, and one he continues to set up no matter the weather.

"Whether you're hot and you're sweating, or you're cold and you're freezing, it's a Bills fan, that's what you do," said Foley. "You suffer through it and you put up with it."

While this is a tradition to many, each Bills fan and RV on the lot Saturday night hoped for one thing.

"I want the playoff for Christmas this year," said Jack. 

"Get to that last game, I will see you in New Jersey for a little homecoming... I hope so!" said Foley.