Bills Fans Pumped for Preseason Opener

Posted at 6:18 PM, Aug 10, 2017

Ken Johnson, known as Pinto Ron, has cheered on the bills game for 373 home and away games in a row.  “I don't know of anybody that's a buffalo fan right now, that has a longer streak than mine, 373 in a games row,” Johnson said.

Johnson is the die-hard Bills fan know league wide for letting other fans cover him in ketchup and mustard before each game. Johnson said he was ready for this season when the last game ended last season.

The Bills take on the Minnesota Vikings Thursday night at 7 pm. 

Fan have been waiting for the season to begin all year.

“I’m getting goose bumps. I’m serious though. Football is back and it’s the Buffalo Bills and there’s changes - all kinds of changes,” George Lewis, a Bills fan, said.

Another fan, Joanie Dekoker, says she thinks we have a good chance this year at the playoffs.

And with a new season just beginning there is also a new way to get to and from the game. Uber will be dropping and picking up fans from “Uber Zone” located on the southeast corner of Abbott and Big Tree Road. For more information, click here.