Bill to create Jamaican Bobsled Team license plate approved

Bill to create Jamaican Bobsled Team license plate approved
Posted at 2:09 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 02:09:05-04

The New York Legislature has approved a measure that would allow the state to issue special Jamaican Bobsled Team license plates.           
The Democrat-controlled Assembly passed the measure Thursday, a day after the Republican-led Senate approved the bill.
The legislation would allow the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue license plates honoring a team that famously made its Olympic bobsled debut at the 1988 Calgary Winter Games. The plate's design would be developed and approved by the DMV commissioner.         
The bobsled plates would cost an additional $25 on top of regular registration fees. Proceeds would go to the New York-based Jamaican Bobsled Foundation, a not-for-profit group that supports the team. It's led by Devon Harris, a member of the original '88 team.           
The measure now goes to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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