Best ways to prevent flooding during heavy rains

Posted at 11:26 PM, Oct 09, 2017

Tony Cellino of Cellino Plumbing has been servicing a lot of homes that are dealing with floods due to intense rain. According to Cellino a big problem is neglect to home water systems. 

"Nobody ever looks down there (sump pump). A lot of times you'll find toys floating down there" Cellino said. 

Cellino suggests checking the sump pump every six months for cracks, floating objects, or leaks. If the sump pump is clogged then there is nowhere for the water to go except into the basement. 

Another suggestion Cellino had was to make sure cooking and cleaning water is not being mixed with sewage. Just because it is liquid does not mean it should go down a sink. By keeping sewage separate this will put less pressure on pipes.

Often in older developments sewage grates near homes can be overrun by roots. These roots will form a blockade, preventing any liquid from passing through. In this scenario the sump pump will then overfill, resulting in flooding. This scenario is the most difficult to prevent, however, observing where plants are in relation to grates can help to establish points where a problem may exist.