Bell Tower Lofts near end of construction in popular North Buffalo neighborhood

Posted at 8:26 AM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 10:06:04-04

What once was a church, is now a brand new three-story apartment building drawing attention in North Buffalo.

The Bell Tower Lofts are breathing new life into a space that was nearly destroyed five years ago due to an arson fire. Now all that remains is the bell tower, a piece of history that connects a bit of old with a bit of new. 

It's a unique residential project in neighborhood of mostly home owners, something project artchitect Dave Sutton says, makes it particularly high in demand. 

"It's a nice opportunity for maybe a younger generation or an empty-nester to have an alternative to home ownership," Sutton said of the nearly completed space. 

The project includes a total of 26 units, including several one and two-bedroom units and one two-story three-bedroom unit closer to Colvin Avenue. 

"The floor plans are all open plans, something that accomodates the fast-paced way of life for many people," Sutton said. 

The reuse of vacant churches is nothing new here in Western New York, it seems to be the norm - from neighborhood to neighborhood. 

"They're the anchors of the neighborhood and redefining them and repurposing them is a more appropriate use," Sutton continued.

No date has been set, but expect to see these units on the market within a few months.