Bachelorette shows some "buffalove"

Posted at 12:07 AM, Jul 17, 2018

Love is in the air at the Durfee household in Lockport and it's not just because The Bachelorette is on their television.

"He was hot.  But I went to a different school, but he was hot," Suzanne Durfee recalled.  She knew of the Tartik family from her brother playing hockey with Jason.  Once she found out that he was trying to win Becca's heart, she started watching alongside her girlfriends--whom also grew up with him.

"There's a group message on our phone and we each take turns hosting and we really pretty much watch just for Jason."

Fellow watcher Lindsay Gorman actually came to tonight's viewing party after leaving her anniversary dinner early.

"My husband Ryan is very understanding and when he heard tonight was the night that they were airing the Buffalo episode of The Bachelorette, he allowed me to cut out of dinner a little early," she said.

Jason and Becca made a few stops on their tour of Buffalo, including a stop for wings.

"It was quite the whirlwind.  They only tell you a couple of weeks before," Kaylene Dunning from Anchor Bar said. She continued, "It's so cool that Becca and Jason chose us.  There's a million great places in Buffalo, but they chose us."

After a stop at Anchor Bar, Becca was whisked off to play hockey at HarborCenter and meet the parents.  

Despite winning a rose tonight, the ladies back in Lockport are hoping to see their childhood friend win many more.

"I think it would be really awesome for him to be the next Bachelor and for the city, as well," Gorman said.


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