Baby born in passenger seat on Rt. 400

Posted at 11:41 PM, Aug 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-08 16:44:02-04

Heather Bray woke up her husband at 4am on August 5th to let him know that her water broke.

As they hurried to the hospital, the 29-year-old's contractions got the best of her. Her husband had to deliver their baby on the side of Rt. 400 in Elma.

"You hear those stories about people having their kids in vehicles or at home," said Heather, mother of the newborn. "Crazy stories... and I'm like, there's no way... how do people not know?"

But she quickly learned the answer to that question, while she had her baby in the passenger seat of her red Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Her husband of five years, Cody Bray, quickly sprung to action with 911 on speakerphone.

"She woke me up at four and she said that her water broke... and I said, are you serious?!" said Cody.

Just 10 minutes down the road, and 20 more to get to the hospital, Heather told Cody to pull over on Rt. 400.

"I was just like, we're just not making it," recalled Heather. "We need to figure out how he's going to get here because the hospital's not happening.

They were overcome by adrenaline, and tried working as quickly as possible with a lady from 911 on the line.

"Oh my gosh, at one point I just wanted to throw the phone across the highway because she's like 'deep breath, calm down,' and that's not exactly what I want to do right now," said Heather.

She recalled not having much time to process her emotions.

"You worry about their body temperature, and we didn't have anything to suction him with," said Heather. "So those are the first things going through your mind."

"I had his head, and then his torso, and then he finally came out," said Cody. "And then I put him on her... it was just unbelievable."

Unbelievable is right. Cody grabbed a gown to wrap his newborn son in.

"Luckily I had bought a gown for the hospital," said Heather. "It was blue and white stripes - I wanted to get a little fancy. Well, that didn't happen. It ended up wrapping him."

The paramedics arrived just five minutes later to take them to the hospital.

"Oh my gosh, it felt like forever, it really did," said Heather.

Heather and Cody are now parents of two boys. They named their newborn Dylan Matthew Bray. Heather says that what she is looking forward to the most is seeing how her two boys get along.

They also added that there were so many emotions going through their head that they did not think about taking photos or videos. 

What a story!