Assembly District 147 race rolls into Eden

Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 23:22:21-04

Normally North Main Street in Eden is filled with cars, but Tuesday night, two tractors took to the pavement.  Democratic candidate Luke Wochensky, who's running for the 147th district Assembly seat, is embarking on a four day tractor tour.

"We're going to all 30 towns and 14 villages in the district that's about 250 miles when the trip is over," Wochensky said.

Originally an attorney, the native Western New Yorker returned home after living around the world for his job.  Specifically living in Eastern Europe.

The Republican-turned-Democrat and proud gun supporter feels that health care is the biggest concern for voters.

Less than a miles down the road, his opponent and current Assemblyman David DiPietro met with a small group of supporters at John Henrich Company. 

His response to his opponents current strategy: "While he's out riding on a tractor, I've been sponsoring the most farm and agriculture fighting for the farmers."

The incumbent has held the seat in the primarily red district since 2012.  DiPietro said he has the record to prove his success.

"Just want to keep going out, talking to people.  Showing them my record because I have one.  I didn't live in Russia my entire life and then come back and want to run for a state office," DiPietro said.

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