Bills, Sabres President Russ Brandon steps down

Source: Bills, Sabres president Brandon leaving
Posted at 4:54 PM, May 01, 2018

Buffalo Bills and Sabres President and Managing Partner Russ Brandon has stepped down from his post in a major shake-up made by team owners Terry and Kim Pegula.

According to The Buffalo News, Brandon resigned after Pegula Sports and Entertainment launched an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct and workplace behavior. 

Brandon's Twitter account has been deleted.

"We have a tremendous amount of confidence in the strong leadership we have built within each of those entities over the last several years," said a statement from the Pegulas. "Our focus remains on building championship teams on and off the field for our fans and community." 

The statement makes no direct mention of Brandon, who spent 20 years with the Bills in various roles, from marketing to football decisions during a two-year stint as general manager from 2008-09.

Brandon also took the lead in negotiating the Bills most recent lease five years ago, which played a critical role in securing the franchise's long-term future in Buffalo especially following late-Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson's death in March 2014.


Russ Brandon issued this statement to 7 Eyewitness News:

"I have been contemplating transitioning out of my role for some time. My goal when the Pegula’s purchased the franchise was to reach 20 years with the Bills in which I achieved this past November. Given where we are from a timing standpoint, particularly with the conclusion of the NFL Draft, now seems like the time to make that transition. As grateful as I am for the amazing experience and the incredible people I’ve had the privilege to work with the past two decades, I am just as anxious for the professional opportunities that lie ahead."

Kim Pegula will step into the role of President of the Bills, Sabres and PSE effective immediately. Terry Pegula will continue to oversee team operations.


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