Anti-Trump groups head for NY

Posted at 6:18 PM, Apr 06, 2016

A Trump attack ad is expected to hit radio stations across New York soon. Super PAC "Make America Awesome" is behind it. It's part of an anti-Trump movement infiltrating the state ahead of the April 19 primary.

“He's actually not their advocate. He's not their friend. He's not the guy who is looking out for them,” said “Make America Awesome” strategist, Liz Mair.

According to Mair, they're still deciding whether to buy T.V. space; citing the high cost of advertising particularly in places like New York City. The group will be targeting republican “Average Joes” who would typically just vote in line with the party. “We're really trying to pick off voters who are in the Trump column and sway them from going and supporting him.”

Trump supporters don't appear threatened. During an interview on Fox Business Wednesday, local developer Carl Paladino predicted Trump would win New York by 60 or 65 percent. Fellow Trump supporter Michael Caputo agrees. “If she (Mair) thinks NY is going to be hospitable to her kind of slander and scum work, she's got another thing coming.”



Mair said realistically, she doesn’t think Trump will lose New York. Instead, the goal of the Super PAC is to hit him where it counts. “Let's try to deprive him of every single delegate that he can conceivably be deprived of,” she said.