Anti-Collins billboard pops up in Hamburg

Posted at 1:12 PM, May 10, 2017

A billboard against Congressman Chris Collins now stands tall at the 7 Corners intersection in Hamburg.

The billboard campaign was started by Michelle Schoeneman with Citizens against Collins. After the ACHA vote last week, Schoeneman tells 7 Eyewitness news she contacted Lama Advertising about putting up another billboard.

Schoeneman says she paid the $1,440 fee for the billboard and then started a GoFundMe to pay herself back. The GoFundMe raised $1,500 in three hours.

The billboard will be up for the next two weeks. Schoeneman says she wanted it up for the recess period when Collins is potentially back in Western New York.

7 Eyewitness news has reached out to Congressman Collins' office and is awaiting a response.